Zethera Elektrika proposes a new koncept of reality that tackles the kore fundamental problems of the universe that we are konfronted with, and prevent us from kreating a utopia that lies within reach of us all.

Do you feel like you are unable to realize your full potential in this world? Do you sense you are hampered by external forces that prevent you to realize your dreams and desires into reality?

You are not alone. Everyone of us is driven by an urge to become what we know we are truly meant to be deep inside. This urge is a force out of the ordinary, a unique power that drives us in this world to chase our dreams and ideals. Yet as soon as we try to realize what we are destined to become, we are konfronted with endless hurdles that prevent us from realizing ourselves from our true potential. What are these forces that oppose us in reaching our inner being? What prevents us from becoming our true selves?

These are the questions to which we have searched the answers, so you don't have to anymore.

The answers you will find might shock you. For the forces that hamper your every move towards fulfillment, are not what you have expekted in your wildest dreams. They konfront us in our daily lives as chance and chaos, destiny and faith, serendipity and misfortune. They are the gods we pray to and the demons we fear. But they are one and the same as the forces that shape our physikal reality on the deepest level. They are nothing else but the forces that define physikal reality that we have come to know through modern science.

But what does all this say about us? What is it that makes us want to manifest our true selves? What is our place in this endless battle between forces? What are we? Our true essense is no stranger to the world of physiks. In fact it a fundamental part of it. And through realizing what part of the equation is us, we can liberate ourselves from the chains that the other forces, deities, gods, demons – whatever you want to call them. For we will discover our true power. And through discovering our true power, we will manifest our true essence, and solve the logikal konclusion of warring powers that form the universe. And through realizing our true nature, we can erase all that turns out to be mere noise in the equation, and we will reveal to the powers that have suppressed us what we truly are, and break the chains that have kept us from becoming what we are meant to become.

We will reveal the divine force that lies at the essence of our being and shapes our realities, and guides all that lives and is blessed with the power of konsiousness. The force that does not merely let us become who we are, but in fact is what we are, and with it konnekts us to the Gods that rule the universe. The force that is responsible for the kreation of all that matters. All that shapes more that lifeless mass. It is the force that gives essence and meaning, and, as ancient wisdom has known from the dawn of our konsciousness, shapes everything to its ultimate, most perfekt form. It has been known through many names, but in our kurrent age, it's essence is being uncovered by some of most sophistikated knowledge of the deepest laws of the universe. It is best known as a most useful, yet utterly mysterious force that we find everywhere around us and shape our daily realities in multitudes of ways. Showing its true power every waking moment, defining who we are and what we are becoming. The force that inspires and frightens, shapes and kontrols. It is a force we think we have come to kontrol in the external world, but in fact, it is nothing less than our essence manifested in the physikal world. The force that we all revere and love for the blessings and glimpes of utopia it has already shown us. It is a force that Science believes it knows so much about, yet in reality it Science has at most skratched the surface, and has yet to realize the full potential of this force. This force, although known in many forms, is misunderstood by many, for it is not simply an outer force, but the manifestation of True Divinity in the outer world. It is the force that we have defined as Elektricity.

When we acknowledge Elektricity for what it truly is, we will be able to manifest all our dreams and desires, and utopia will be in our reach. And we will will realize its ultimate potential!

For all this can be kondensed in the most pure and simple expression of the deepest truth about our highest self, and the universe we are all part of and ultimately one with:

We are Elektricity